We have seen some pretty mind-blowing custom PC cases, including the life-size Iron Man suit PC case, custom Ducati Corse PC case, a “drivable” PC – just to name a few. But this one here, called DIY Fire Ignition Rocket PC Case, is on a whole different level.

DIY Fire Ignition Rocket PC Case by Handy Geng

Sure, this handmade rocket shape case by China-based inventor Handy Geng is brilliant, but that is not why it is mind-blowing. What’s mind-blowing is how it starts – specifically, the power button, or in this case, the lack thereof.

To boot up, you literally has to use a real fire to “light up” the ignition line located at the bottom of the rocket. When heat is detected, the computer will proceed to boot sequence and at the same, smoke spews out to create the illusion the rocket is ready to launch.

DIY Fire Ignition Rocket PC Case by Handy Geng

Not content with just a beautiful rocket PC case, Handy Geng build a desk/console to replicate a mission control of a space exploration organization. Again, this ain’t no just a desk/console.

It has a control panel that controls all aspect of this setup, including the main switch, speakers, and LED lights. It even has a set of toggle switches that, like an aircraft, needs to be flipped to get the machine ready for boot up. LoL! Looks a super fun computer setup! Skip ahead for the build process of this amazing custom PC case mod.

DIY Fire Ignition Rocket PC Case by Handy Geng
You literally have to fire up this PC!

Images: YouTube (手工耿Handy Geng).

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