Considering how complex we humans are on the roads, autonomous transportation is far from reality. However, the technology is there and so, it makes a ton of sense to deploy this tech in controlled environment like agriculture and construction. Speaking of construction… Fayat Group’s BOMAG is exploring the world of autonomous construction vehicle with BOMAG Robomag.

BOMAG Robomag Autonomous Tandem Roller

BOMAG Robomag is a fully autonomous tandem roller that can operate autonomously in a defined work area. It is outfitted with a comprehensive safety system, along with LiDAR, GPS and other positioning sensors to enable it to carry the work while avoiding collisions.

BOMAG Robomag is managed by BOMAG’s Asphalt Manager 2, which offers intelligent active monitoring and control of compaction power. In addition to fully autonomous capability, Robomag can be manned remotely by an operator, or programmed to follow a manually input working path.

Images: BOMAG/Fayat Group/Equipment World.

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