Construction is perhaps one of the most noisy activities – especially when it happens in a dense environment like, say, in the city, but that may soon change – thanks to Hidromek HICON 7 W Electric Wheel Excavator.

Obviously, Turkey-based construction equipment maker Hidromek is not the first in the electrification of construction equipment. Bobcat, CASE and JCB – just to name a few – are also getting into electrifying construction machinery.

Hidromek HICON 7 W Electric Wheel Excavator

In the case of the HICON 7 W Electric Wheel Excavator, it is a 100 percent electric “smart” and obviously a lot more eco-friendly excavator designed for use in cities. The compact dimensions is suited for all kinds of urban spaces.

Being electric, it is should be significantly quieter. That, plus the fact that it has road wheels as opposed to steel tracks, makes it even quieter.

The electric excavator is juiced by a lithium-ion battery system that touts 97 percent efficiency and it is good for 8 hours of operation on a single charge. And it takes just an hour and a half to take it to full charge when recharging under quick charging.

Hidromek HICON 7 W Electric Wheel Excavator

The onboard electric drive enables up to 30 km/h (18.6 mph) safe driving speed. Much to the disappointment to sci-fi heads, though, the boom, bucket and all, are still maneuver by a hydraulic system.

A hydraulic system is still the most powerful system in the real world. As much as we love to see powerful giant size servos doing the work, you and I know that is not practical, for now. At least, it is electrically driven now and that should bring down the noise quite a few notches. And I totally welcome that.

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Images: Hidromek.

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