Nextube Retro Nixie Clock-inspired Display

Nixie tube. The display invention that screams 1950s and the definitive symbol of retro in the 21st century. However cool the Nixie tube is, it is never energy efficient and it has a limit to what it can display. But with this modern “Nixie tube” though, called Nextube, what it can display is limited to your imaginations.

Nextube Retro Nixie Clock-inspired Display

Nextube looks exactly like the good’ol display at a glance, except that instead of a wire-mesh anode and multiple cathodes to produce numerals or symbols, each tube has an IPS display.

Thanks to modern display technology and software, you can replicate the beautiful warm glow synonymous with Nixie tubes while not limited to what it can display.

Nextube Retro Nixie Clock-inspired Display

Using the accompanying software, you can set Nextube to display a myriad of information, including time, weather, countdown timer, music visualizer, social media likes counter and more.

In addition to information, the Nextube can also serve as full-RGB ambient light. Because it is a modern device, you are not limited to the traditional Nixie tube look. The look of the display can be customized too – if you prefer not to go with the iconic Nixie tube appearance.

Nextube Retro Nixie Clock-inspired Display

Not going to lie. I am totally sold by the idea. The only thing that is stopping me from getting one is the price.

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Having said that, if you are cool with dropping US$149 or more for a super cool, functional, and unmistakable retro display, you may pledge for a product on Kickstarter for 1,160 Hong Kong dollars or more.

The campaign has around 21 days to go, but already, it has received overwhelming responses from the community. Last checked, it has pulled in nearly US$400,000 in funding from over 2,500 backers. That said, Nextube Retro Nixie Clock-inspired Display is a go and if all goes as planned, it should see delivery as soon as December 2021.

[UPDATE January 16, 2022; 11:04 PM PST] The Nextube is still available to order from Indiegogo for 1,160 Hong Kong dollars (about US$149) with delivery expected to happen in February 2022.

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Images: Rotrics.