we will not try to pretend that Android handsets don’t look alike. seriously, unless you scrutinize the handsets closely, most of them look pretty much the same. handset design won’t stray too far off its oblong design and the narrowing bezel hasn’t help much in differentiating them. the narrower the bezel is, the front is going look just like every other sets. it is a fact. the only major difference lies on the back of the phone and even that won’t help much sometimes. however, we have a surprise find in the Alcatel One Touch Idol Alpha Smartphone, which was officially unveiled at the IFA 2013. it stands out among the sea of Android handsets with its mix of metal and translucent construction, giving it that extra sophisticated look. an unknown translucent material formed part of the handset’s case at the top and bottom, which according to Alcatel One Touch, will illuminates in various modes such as charging, video, notifications, and more, thus giving the handset an edge in the visual effects department.

further aesthetics include diamond-cut chamfer, as well as a 3D aluminum frame. though on the hard specs business end, do not expect the same kind of sophistication – if you know what i mean. it is fitted with a quad-core 1.2GHz chip and along with other modest features, including a oleophobic-coated 4.7″ edge-to-edge HD IPS display, Dragontail Glass for protection (an equivalent to Corning), 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage with no expandable storage, a 2,000 mAh battery, and no LTE radio – though it is HSPA+ to necessitate 42Mbps connectivity. taking hint from the last feature, you might have already guessed that the Alcatel One Touch Idol Alpha Smartphone is probably not going to make it to LTE-rampant shores like the U.S., though word has it that it will be rolling into China market sometime in October, with further market expansion into Eastern Europe.

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Source: Alcatel
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