Alcatel JOY TAB KIDS Is Essentially The JOY TAB With Silicone Case And Software Tweaks

I don’t approve of kiddos getting too much screen time with gadgets, but it is part of the future, as it seems. Casting the potential eye damage aside, we have to deal with undesirable contents that may popped up along the way. So, if you really want juniors to use a gadget, then a gadget […]

Alcatel ONETOUCH Smartwatch Now Available in Singapore, Priced at S$248

Alcatel ONETOUCH’s first smartwatch, the ONETOUCH Watch, is now officially available to those residing in Singapore. First appeared at this year’s CES, this uber sleek, iF Design Award winning smart timepiece solves two of today’s most pressing issues faced by gadget lovers: charging cable and platforms. The former is addressed by an integrated USB charger […]

Alcatel One Touch Idol Alpha Smartphone

we will not try to pretend that Android handsets don’t look alike. seriously, unless you scrutinize the handsets closely, most of them look pretty much the same. handset design won’t stray too far off its oblong design and the narrowing bezel hasn’t help much in differentiating them. the narrower the bezel is, the front is

Alcatel One Touch Idol Smartphone

did you managed to catch the latest Iron Man flick? if you did, did you notice the Alcatel One Touch Idol smartphone was used in the movie? granted that hero Stark may not have used it to warrant the Idol the celebrity status, but that doesn’t make it any less desirable, especially now it comes unlock and