I don’t approve of kiddos getting too much screen time with gadgets, but it is part of the future, as it seems. Casting the potential eye damage aside, we have to deal with undesirable contents that may popped up along the way. So, if you really want juniors to use a gadget, then a gadget like the Alcatel JOY TAB KIDS may be a lesser evil.

It is a kids-focused tablet that does what you expect of a kids’ tablet, including a robust parental control options and children-friendly contents. The latter is offered through Kidomi, a curated content platform for books, videos, games and music.

The library of contents, btw, is refreshed regularly with expert-curated content mapped to U.S. Common Core Standards.

Alcatel JOY TAB KIDS Android Tablet

Alcatel JOY TAB KIDS is an 8-inch Android tablet, protected by a colorful, rugged silicone case. On the soft protection, it is certified by the KidSAFE Seal Program. This means the tablet offers a safe, ad-free experience to protect the privacy of children.

This is supplemented with a comprehensive parental control that lets you set what apps your kids can access, duration of use and more.

Alcatel JOY TAB KIDS is powered by a quad core processor and features 4G LTE, and packs a 4,080 mAh battery for all-day use.

Alcatel is bringing Alcatel JOY TAB KIDS to stateside via T-Mobile. It will be available starting November 15, 2019. However, pricing is not known at this point.

Alcatel JOY TAB KIDS is essentially the JOY TAB that is being sold at T-Mobile with the case and software tweaks.

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Image: Alcatel.

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