Spinner Drive Screwdriver Offers Torque In A Very Stylish Way

If everybody needs a screwdriver set in their life, I’d say the Spinner Drive Screwdriver Set from Taiwan-based design studio mininch would be it. Screwdriver with interchangeable tips is not new, but Spinner Drive stands out as one that rolled three screwdriver functions into one. It is a standard screwdriver, and it is also a […]

This Jacket Transforms Into A Bag And Vice Versa While Keeping Things Within

We all been there: we head out in the warm of the day in just berms, t-shirt and a bag, but when the sun sets and the cold takes over, you’d wish you had brought along a jacket. Then again, your bag wouldn’t fit anyways and having to hold on a jacket when you don’t […]

Pop-A-Point Pencil-style Tool Pen Got Struck by Shrink Gun, Becomes Tool Pen mini with Tougher Bits

First introduced last year, Tool Pen is sort of a multi-tool, but designed to deal with all manner of screwing jobs and it was the first of such tool that ultilizes the concept of pop-a-point pencil, meaning a bit is pop out to swap for the bit you desire. It was a brilliant concept which […]

Tool Pen Is A Handy Tool Kit That Reminisce Of The Pop-A-Point Pencil

remember the pop-a-point pencil you use as a kid? you know? the pencil that sits between a mechanical pencil and the traditional pencil that lets you pop a blunt tip off for a sharp, fresh lead tip? who knew that this same concept can actually applies to multi-tool too? while the Tool Pen is not […]