I know what I am about to say may not be relevant in this digital age, but if, just if you ever found yourself in need for a writing instrument and cannot find a pen or pencil, then perhaps you will want to check out ForeverPen from the World’s Tiniest.

ForeverPen a Tiny That Writes Last Forever

Billed as the world’s smallest inkless pen, ForeverPen is smaller than the distal phalanx of a grown person’s index finger. It is impossibly small, IMHO, and yet, small enough to write.

It is tiny enough to be attached to a key ring which means it will always be easily accessible. Perhaps most importantly is, it never needs refilling. It can practically write for forever.

The magic lies in the material; a hard-wearing Silver tip made from Silver composite that is you write permanently, anywhere – even when upside down, and on anything.

ForeverPen a Tiny That Writes Last Forever

The Silver tip is born out of material science and modern engineering, derived from centuries old drawing technique called silverpoint, a craft known to be used by the legendary artist and inventor Leonardo DaVinci.

The tip is super tough too, last a lifetime or perhaps even longer, and while it writes legibly on any surface, it won’t smudge your hands even you accidentally come into contact with it.

Speaking of the tip, it is paired to a choice of metal materials, including Titanium, Copper, and Copper + Zinc.

ForeverPen a Tiny That Writes Last Forever

And oh, did we mention that ForeverPen is not just for writing? It is a multi-tool too. The Silver tip is tough enough for tearing through packages and boxes and prying open lids.

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ForeverPen was a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which ended recently. Fret not if you missed it like myself because, it is now on Indiegogo InDemand where you can pre-order one for £25 or more (US$35 or more), with shipping to happen in August 2021.

Images: World’s Tiniest.

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  1. As a complimentary offer for food for thought, a lifetime, I would be inclined to add unfortunately, does not last “forever”, as the title potentially misleadingly suggests.

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