KEF X300A Wireless Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System

KEF maybe late in the game of wireless audio, but hey, as far as fans are concerned it is better late than never. introducing the KEF X300A Wireless Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System, a speaker system that has all the goodness of the original wired X300A with the added convenience of wireless audio streaming

KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System

now that high-definition displays are a norm among laptops and desktop computers, it is time to do something with the sound that’s coming out of them. reality is cruel and that applies to sound that are being turned out by our computers – they are less than ideal to say the least. the solution? hook up a Digital Audio Converter (DAC) in between your regular speakers…

KEF KHT3005SE AV System in White

hite is the new black in town. was it a influence indirectly exert by Apple’s product? perhaps. we can never really say so but the fact remains that many electronic makers are splashing their popular products in white. the latest to join this white movement is KEF KHT3005SE AV System in high gloss white finish and i must say it is…

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