five years in the making, KEF Blade speaker is finally here

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(credit: KEF) KEF Blade Speakers | £20,000.00 |

five years in the making (including two years of painstaking refinement), high-end audio firm KEF has finally unveiled its innovative Blade speaker that you can actually own. touted as the world’s first ‘single apparent source’ loudspeaker featuring a three-way design with each of the three sections, namely the bass, mid-range and treble drivers are specifically designed to radiant from “one point in space.”
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KEF achieved the effect of the ‘single apparent source’ by “placing four LF drivers in symmetrically opposing pairs and tightly packed them around the newly designed Uni-Q inside a very narrow speaker cabinet. in this way, when a signal is played through these four LF drivers, the overall sounds feel like it is coming out from one single point, that’s the Uni-Q. the KEF Blade is available in gloss white or black but also offers opportunity for other hues through its selection of unusual color palette.

the KEF Blade speaker is slated to reach KEF retails sometime between July and August with a cool retail price of £20,000 (about US$32,468). i must say, it is definitely not for the faint of heart but more specifically for those with fussy ears and huge pockets.

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