KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System

KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System
KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System | US$799.00 |

now that high-definition displays are a norm among laptops and desktop computers, it is time to do something with the sound that’s coming out of them. reality is cruel and that applies to sound that are being turned out by our computers – they are less than ideal to say the least. the solution? hook up a Digital Audio Converter (DAC) in between your regular speakers and your computer and be prepared to be greeted by clutter of cables or you could use a little help from KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System. this pair of high-end computer speakers hook up to your laptop or desktop digitally via USB to offer a clear, lossless 96 kHz/24-bit digital sound, amplified by twin class AB amplifiers – one for high frequency signals and the other handles the mid and low frequencies – and reproducing them through KEF’s state-of-the-art Uni-Q driver, adapted from KEF’s flagship (and very expensive) Blade speaker. other features include built-in DAC for accurate audio and a high performance toroidal transformer built into the amps’ power supply to minimize hum noise and electro-magnetic interference. the KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System can be yours for $799 a pair. click past the jump for a few more look and a short product video.

KEF via werd.

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