KEF KHT3005SE AV System in White

KEF KHT3005SE AV System in White
KEF KHT3005SE AV System in White | £1,000.00 |

white is the new black in town. was it a influence indirectly exert by Apple’s product? perhaps. we can never really say so but the fact remains that many electronic makers are splashing their popular products in white. the latest to join this white movement is KEF KHT3005SE AV System in high gloss white finish and i must say it is looking pretty awesome. the system comprises of four dewdrop design HTS3001SE satellite speakers, a lone HTC3001SE center speaker, plus a 250W HTB2SE subwoofer. like the black version, the KHT3005SE features KEF’s signature Uni-Q driver technology and ‘Tangerine’ waveguide for improved sensitivity and sound dispersion. each of its 2-way bass reflex speaker and 3-way closed box center speaker offers 100W of power, packaged into a beautiful fully rigid aluminum enclosure. additionally, the shape is not pure aesthetic – it is designed to minimize internal resonance with KEF’s Sealed Suspension Technology. the KEF KHT3005SE AV System in Gloss White is not available with a sticker of £1,000 (about US$1,566) a set.

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