Monster DNA Headphones

Monster DNA Headphones
Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones | from US$119.95 |

the views about Monster differs across consumers but one thing for sure is, they do know a thing or two about fashionable audio products. having collaborated with music industry biggies such as Beats, Lady Ga Ga, it now moved on and shake hands with media juggernaut Viacom for a new line of headphones dubbed Monster DNA. sporting a pronounced triangular design with a two-tone design, this pair of audio cans feature light and comfortable Advanced Noise Isolating ear cushions designed to lock-in the sound and dual-port inputs for up to five of your pals (with the Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones, of course) to share what you are listening to. unfortunately for you geeks out there, Monster continues the disturbing trend of omitting the hard specs and therefore no information or specifications of the DNA inner workings are provided, instead it emphasized more heavily on the new line’s fashion statement and build quality. the Monster DNA Headphones come in seven versions, including an on-ear model in black, white, cobalt and perfect teal for $199.95, and an in-ear model in black or white that goes for $119.95. hitting the stores in the U.S. this month, while European market will be seeing it in October. larger views after the break.

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