JayBird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Buds

JayBird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Buds
JayBird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Buds | US$129.00 | www.jaybirdgear.com

while a Bluetooth headphones give wire-free music enjoyment, they are not really suited for sporting activities. so for situation where you need to sweat it out, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds would come in handy – a pair such as the JayBird JayBird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Buds. this pair of in-ear buds offer a total of 15mW RMS and sports a more compact earphone design over its predecessor, albeit having a shorter usage time of 4.5 hours from its 100 mAh lithium-polymer battery. other highlights include 4mm omnidirectional microphone for clearer voice calls, sweat- and moisture-resistant design with rubberized over-molded sealed buttons, hard buttons for music control and taking of calls, tangle-free flat cord between the two buds, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, and support up to two paired devices. along with its streamlined design is a mere weight of 10 grams which you probably won’t even know it is there. the JayBird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Buds is available now for $129 a pair.

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