ECOROX Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

ECOROX Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

because outdoor adventures are not complete without music, and therefore we see ruggedized Bluetooth speakers popping up in the market. but, can your “ruggedized” Bluetooth speaker really taking the bashing and perhaps, a dunk in the water and survive to sing the song? we can’t say for the rest, but the ECOROX Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by ECOXGEAR is certainly

ECOXBT Bluetooth Speaker

in the quest for music enjoyment, mankind has realized that there’s a need to bring our favorite tunes everywhere. so we progresses from boombox to walkman and more recently, to Bluetooth speakers. natural progression but not without its limitations. lugging around your cute little BT speakers inevitably expose it to the elements that could…

Eco Terra Boombox

what happens when there’s no music to accompany your active lifestyle? hint: it will be bored as hell. hence, we rely on our smartphones and MP3 players to inject some soundtrack into our outdoor activities like scaling of mountains, kayaking, pool and beach parties, but not without the associated risks, like those unleashed by Mother Nature and…