Apple Watch, however expensive they are, they are hardly considered a luxury smartwatch. Well, that’s until Russian maestro of luxe gadgets, Caviar, comes into the picture. Caviar has recently unveiled the most expensive Apple Watch Series 6 in the world.

Caviar Luxury Apple Watch 6 Smartwatch

Inspired by the design the world’s best jewelry watches, Caviar has created an Apple Watch Series 6 encased in solid 750 gold and embellished with 109 diamonds. Only five examples are made and each unit is complete with a band made of genuine crocodile leather.

In addition, there are three other slightly “more affordable” models: Apple Watch 6 Titanium with golden titanium insert, Total Black and Golden Black models that boast black titanium and genuine crocodile leather.

Caviar Luxury Apple Watch 6 Smartwatch

The Titanium models has a starting price of US$3,980 while the holy grail of the bunch, the solid gold with diamonds model cost a mind-bending, Hublot-level-of-pricing, US$45,080.

Caviar Luxury Apple Watch 6 Smartwatch
Caviar Luxury Apple Watch 6 Smartwatch

Images: Caviar.

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  1. Luxury watches very clearly have all this passion and allure associated with them, but very little functionality and quite a lot of symbolism. The Apple Watch is very different: It’s very high in functionality but very modest in symbols.
    The idea from the user’s point of view is: “I’m not in the market for an Apple Watch or a luxury watch, but possibly both. To the gym, I’m taking the Apple Watch and to a cocktail party, the luxury watch.”

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