Apple iPhone 12’s design was no doubt a homage to the iPhone 4 released 10 years ago. While Apple did not play on the fact that iPhone 4’s anniversary, master of luxing up gadgets, Caviar, did.

Caviar iPhone 12 Jobs 4 Smartphone

This one is going to tug the heart strings of (very rich) Apple users and Steve Jobs devotees. Marking the 10 years anniversary of iPhone 4 and the man who started it all, Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs, Caviar has released a special edition iPhone 12 Pro.

Aptly called Caviar iPhone 12 Jobs 4, this commemorative iPhone bears the look of the iPhone 4 and features a piece of Job’s signature turtleneck. In addition, Caviar has also released a pair of New Balance 991 sneakers that Jobs can be seen wearing most of the time.

Caviar iPhone 12 Jobs 4 Smartphone

iPhone 4 design, a piece of Steve’s turtle neck, and a pair of New Balance 991. Tell me this phone isn’t a perfect tribute to iPhone and the man who pretty much made what Apple is today.

The sneakers is a custom pair, btw. It also has a piece of Job’s turtleneck as well as a titanium plate with the famous slogan Think Different.

Caviar iPhone 12 Jobs 4 Smartphone

There are three models in the Caviar iPhone 12 Jobs 4 series: a blackened titanium model, a white composite G10 with jewelry enamel and a 925 sterling silver Apple branding, and a luxe version featuring Apple logo in pure 18 karat gold. Only 10 units of each model are being offered.

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Caviar iPhone 12 Jobs 4 has a starting price of US$6,720. As for the kicks, it is limited to 30 pairs and sells for US$1,820.

Caviar iPhone 12 Jobs 4 Smartphone
Caviar New Balance 991 Jobs Sneakers

Images: Caviar.

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