Aston Martin AMR-C01 Racing Simulator

Only a select few will be able afford or had the opportunity to buy the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Fret not, if you didn’t managed to secure a unit because, we are about to tell you how you get the Aston Martin Valkyrie experience for a fraction of the price.

Aston Martin AMR-C01 Racing Simulator

There are some caveats, however. Like, it can’t be driven in the real-world. No it is not a model car, nor is it a virtual car. It is a racing simulator. The first racing simulator from Aston Martin and it is called AMR-C01.

Developed in partnership with Curv Racing Simulators, the AMR-C01 is no ordinary simulator. Like Cranfield Simulation’s, it has a car body, well, at least part of it (it kind look like a jet ski?). Never mind it isn’t a full car and has no wheels because, this thing looks phenomenal.

Aston Martin AMR-C01 Racing Simulator

Also like an actual supercar, it has a full carbon fiber monocoque. That’s right. CF monocoque on a simulator. Pretty dang cool, if you ask me. And it has a seating position mirroring that of the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

The aesthetic is the work of Aston Martin and features a bodywork that is shaped to invoke the signature Aston Martin Racing grille and it sports a powerful stance just like Aston Martin’s cars.

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The simulator is hand-assembled by Curv Racing Simulators, and features the latest technology for an immersive driving experience in the comfort of your own home.

Aston Martin said the AMR-C01 Racing Simulator offers the ultimate in luxury Esports experiences and luxury it certainly is, for this cool big boy toy has a base price of £57,500 (or roughly US$74,650) and only only 150 examples are being offered.

Then again, that price is a drop in the ocean compared to the Valkyrie. Pre-order for this extravagant racing simulator is now open, with delivery expected to take place in Q4 2020.

Aston Martin AMR-C01 Racing Simulator

All images courtesy of Aston Martin Lagonda.