The closest thing you ever will get to a being a Formula 1 race car driver is to buy your own Formula 1 race car and hit the track, or you could talk to the folks over at Cranfield Simulation for a F1-at-home experience.

Cranfield Simulation Bespoke Formula Simulator

You may think, “yeah, yeah, its another driving simulator company, innit?” Well, it kind of is and kind of is not. Cranfield Simulation is no small fly in the department of actual simulation technology.

It is a department within Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Limited (CAeS), the supplier of military solutions used to train fighter jet pilots. CAeS is also the same company working with Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin on a flying vehicle. Yes. Seriously. You may not be able to acquire a fighter jet simulator, but you sure can enjoy the same tech with Cranfield Simulation’s bespoke full-motion simulator.

Cranfield Simulation Bespoke Formula Simulator

The company has announced the launch of the world’s first bespoke Formula Simulator designed with home in mind. It promised to deliver authentic Formula 1 experience in the comfort and safety of your own home, with the potential to choose from any car, built to any specification, to be enjoyed in any circuit in the world.

Here’s the gist on the patented technology derived from military solutions on the Formula Simulator:

The system tricks the brain into feeling G-force sensations to create the most realistic and immersive driving experience available. The simulators are entirely bespoke, with each one built to the specifications of the individual client. They are available in a compact ‘plug & play’ solution, powered by a single mains supply socket, and taking up a footprint no larger than the car itself.

Cranfield Simulation Bespoke Formula Simulator

Basically, it will be an addition to your car collection that never will leave your home and a race car that never have worry about car crash repair costs. There is no need to worry about having to pay the track owner for trashing its barrier either.

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It is a bespoke driving simulator and so it is hard to list out what it has to offer. However, the simulator will be based on a real F1 mold and uses the best components including the steering wheel and pedals.

Cranfield Simulation Bespoke Formula Simulator

Needless to say, this is a luxury that only the very rich with a reasonable large abode can own. That said, we have no idea how much it will run you back. But just to give you an idea how much it will cost… an open wheel static simulator sells for US$32,223 (or US$21,899.08 for an “ex-demo” unit).

So, you can imagine how much a full-motion rig will cost. Hint: A fortune. You learn more over at Cranfield Simulation website.

Cranfield Simulation Bespoke Formula Simulator

Images: Cranfield Simulation.

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