we haven’t got ourselves a Playstation 4 yet, but if you already did and found that the hard drive performance is a little less than satisfactory, either because of lack of speed or capacity, this OWC Hard Drive Upgrade Kit For Playstation 4 announced last week at the 2014 International CES might just be what you will need. thanks to the incorporation of an user removable hard drive in the fourth generation Playstation, you can now easily upgrade your PS4’s hard drive to a choice of 1TB Toshiba SSHD and 1.5TB HGST HD, or 240GB OWC Electra 6G and 480GB OWC Electra 6G SSD without the risk of voiding the warranty.

the kit comes with everything you need to swap out the old drive for the new item, including the a choice of hard drive or SSD, software to migrate the gaming data to the new drive, a USB flash driven for Playstation 4 download, a screwdriver, and instruction guide. also included with the kit is an OWC USB 3.0 Express 2.5″ SATA drive enclosure for converting your original drive into an external drive. prices for the OWC Hard Drive Upgrade Kit For Playstation 4 start $99.99 for the 1TB kit and runs up to $399 for the 480GB SSD kit. available now, direct from OWC web store.

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