ShotGlass Shooting Glasses is the 'Google Glass' of Hunting and Shooting

When we first read about how Texas-based TrackingPoint was exploring the use of Google Glass with the outfit’s Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) system few months ago, it didn’t occur to us that the company will actually create its very ‘Google Glass’ dedicated for hunting and shooting, but it did, which is a good thing because we doubt Google Glass is going to stand up to the abuse in any given shooting and hunting day. Billed as the first digital hunting and shooting glasses, the TrackingPoint ShotGlass Shooting Glasses as it is called, harnessed the power of ReconJet heads up display and works with TrackingPoint’s ShotGlass app to enable a firearm equipped with PGF to shoot around corners, as well as record your hunt.

It connects wirelessly to your PGF-equipped rifle and boast features like a widescreen WQVGA display offering an equivalent to a 30-inch HD display, integrated HD camera, glove-friendly optical control buttons, and built-in speaker and microphone. In addition to shooting around corners and recording video with audio, which can be downloaded to your smartphone for sharing, the ShotGlass also provides you with two unique field of views: the zoomed-in image as served up by the PGF scope and the zoomed-out view as viewed from the digital glasses. While sounds almost like a magical dream come true for geeky shooters and hunters, the TrackingPoint ShotGlass Shooting Glasses’ potential can only fully realized when used with the outfit’s PGF system.

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That said, TrackingPoint is not about to lose potential buyers just because they don’t already have the PGF; from now until November 30, 2014, the company is giving away a free pair of the TrackingPoint ShotGlass Shooting Glasses with Precision Guide Firearm purchased. So if you’re hankering for either one of the gears, this should be the time make your acquisition. However, if you already have the PGF, you can purchase this high-tech hunting eyewear for $995.

TrackingPoint via Guns & Ammo