no joke, young padawans are trained in the Jedi Temple in Chile

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(image credit: LeetLady)

you’re not going to believe this. there is actually a school in Quilpue, Chile called Jedi Temple that teaches kids between the age of 6 through 12 on how to fight like a Jedi Warrior. the students are taught the way of the Jedi which includes meditation, martial arts and of course, light saber fighting. needless to say using the Force to strangle your opponent isn’t part of the curriculum. the highlight is probably the Light Saber training where the young padawans will wield light saber replicas complete with light and sound. instructors dressed up in Jedi uniforms reassure the kids that they are, in fact, in the Jedi Temple and not some childcare institution. sounds like a lot of fun for Chilean kids. the master of the Jedi Temple ought to be careful, for the dark side is strong. may the force be with you, kiddos.

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