Most Halloween costumes are based on creatures, personalities, and maybe robots, but we never heard or seen any kid dressing up as a vehicle, let alone a spaceship, for trick-or-treat. Well, that’s until now. Andrew Guy is a loving father who did just that, i.e. he made a vehicle costume. Guy built an Imperial Star Destroyer costume over a bicycle for his son Aidan. As you can see, while it may not be practical, this ‘costume’ is pretty damn impressive with the lights and all.

It even has speaker hidden away inside the destroyer so little Aidan can blasts the iconic Star Wars theme soundtrack The Imperial March as he go about trick-or-treating. Perhaps the music was a necessity because, I was thinking what our source was thinking too and that is, how the hell is he going to reach the front door, where there is usually steps, with the a bicycle? I guess blasting The Imperial March would be a way of getting people to the door? Like very loudly, perhaps?

Or perhaps a very long Lightsaber can help little Aidan to knock the door or hit the door bell? Now that we see this, I was wondering did Allan Carver let any kid use his rideable electric Tie Fighter for trick-or-treating? If he did, that kid will be at the same level of cool as Aidan.

Image: YouTube.

Source: Geekologie.

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