The LEGO Toilet by NickLafreniere1

Someone has designed a LEGO model of a toilet. While we are not sure if a LEGO toilet should be in LEGO’s portfolio, this creation, simply called The LEGO Toilet, submitted by NickLafreniere1 on LEGO Ideas genuinely puts a smile on our face.

The LEGO Toilet by NickLafreniere1

Apparently, it did for many people too – judging from the number of supporters it has garnered on LEGO Ideas.

NickLafreniere1’s The LEGO Toilet has reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas thereby advancing to the review phase. This means The LEGO Toilet will have a shot at becoming a real LEGO set.

Congrats, Nick! I didn’t think it’d make it this far but man, it did anyways! Nick’s creation is not just any old model of a typical poop throne, btw.

The LEGO Toilet by NickLafreniere1

Being the only LEGO Toilet on LEGO Ideas may have helped to draw some attention to it but it is the inner workings – yes you heard that right, it has inner workings – that make it such a darling.

With The LEGO Toilet, you’d be able to learn about the mechanical parts of a mundane and yet oh-so-necessary bathroom fixture – thanks to the Technic elements that simulate the flushing – without water, obviously.

NickLafreniere1 uses Technic pieces to create the mechanical parts like flushing arm, flapper, overflow tube, as well as the float – all of which you can admire through the transparent elements on the back of the toilet tank.

The LEGO Toilet by NickLafreniere1

And it has a working toilet seat too, which you can choose to put down or raise up as you desire, and a removable toilet tank cover.

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Nick’s proposed measures 21 cm long, 13 cm wide, and 22 cm tall (8.3 x 5.1 x 8.7 inches), packs 550 pieces and it is complete with a UCS-style information plaque with a miniature toilet model, a toilet brush, and a minifigure, presumably a plumber (who is definitely not the LEGO Mario plumber) with a toolbox and minifigure-scale plunger.

Images: LEGO Ideas (NickLafreniere1).