Do you have a bunch of LEGO flowers but have nowhere to display them? That shouldn’t be a huge problem. You can either get a brick-built vase or use a regular vase. However, if you want something that will show off the stems in their full glory, Wicked Brick got you covered with Vases for LEGO Flowers.

Vases for LEGO Flowers by Wicked Brick

There’s little to say about the Vases for LEGO Flowers except that they are cool, transparent vases for your collection of LEGO flowers. There are two sizes to choose from: a large vase for LEGO Botanical Bouquets and a small vase for individual stalks. The former has a capacity of 24 stalks while the latter can contain 12 stems. Each size is further in a choice of clear or black trims and four styles.

If you are down, you may pick up the Vases for LEGO Flowers by Wicked Brick now for US$26.47 and US$33.69 for the small and large varieties.

Images: Wicked Brick.

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