KFC has another meat-free fried chicken for consumers. It is not a bucket of fried chicken that has gone meat-free, though. This time it is a burger. A chicken burger without the actual poultry meat.

KFC Launches Zero Chicken Burger in Singapore
À la carte price for the burger is 6.95 SGD or about US$5.22

The burger, called KFC Zero Chicken Burger, was launched in Singapore on January 13, 2021. The burger packs a mycoprotein meat-free patty made with the fast food restaurant’s 11 herbs and spices, sandwiched in between sesame seed buns, along with lettuce, slice cheese, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.

Before vegans who have longed for vegan KFC products get all ga-ga over it, you have to know that the KFC Zero Chicken Burger is not entirely vegan nor vegetarian-friendly.

KFC Launches Zero Chicken Burger in Singapore
Set meal that comes with a drink and fries goes for 9.50 SGD or around US$7.14

While the patty is meat-free, it is not quite free from the touches of meat. Because, the patty is fried in the same oil as some chicken products and the mayonnaise used is not vegan. So, if you are going to adhere to strict vegan guidelines, this burger is a no-go.

The idea is not to go vegan, however. It is just an option for those who wish to go meat-free and still enjoy the signature taste KFC has been known for.

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The KFC Zero Chicken Burger, which cost 6.95 Singapore dollars (about US$5.22) a pop, is available for a limited time and in limited quantity for dine-in, takeaway and delivery in outlets in Singapore, excluding Singapore Polytechnic and the Singapore Zoological Garden.

Images: KFC [SG].

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