Wankel engine, though revered in the motoring world, has never really seen mass adoption due to its complicated mechanics and who would have thought that this amazing rotating triangular rotor would made it to a luxury watch? we know, we never saw it coming, but here it is the Experiment ZR012 Watch Black by C3H5N3O9, a time piece featuring Wankel engine-inspired hour and minute indications in an asymmetrical blackened zirconium case with articulated compound lugs. with the Experiment ZR012 Watch Black by C3H5N3O9, it became the first watch to use an epicyloid similar to the concept used in a rotary engine’s combustion chamber, but in the case of the ZR012, the Wankel’s rotors are actually Reuleaux polygons, which rotate eccentrically, tracking the complex epitrochoid curves as opposed to circle.

other worthy mentions include titanium lugs, articulated rear lug, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both side, water resistance up to 30m (100 feet or 3 ATM), manual winding, and 39-hour power reserve. only 12 pieces of the Experiment ZR012 Watch Black by C3H5N3O9 is made available exclusively through The Hour Glass in Singapore with a price tag of 130,000 Swiss Francs, or about US$140,200. the Experiment ZR012 Watch Black by C3H5N3O9 will be making its world premiere at the Super Machines and Horological Heroes exhibition organized by The Hour Glass, happening from September 18-30 at the main atrium, Paragon Center, Singapore. click past the jump for a few more look.

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