Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull

Mattel-owned Mega Construx has just revealed a Masters of the Universe: Castle Grayskull construction set based on the classic 80s cartoon series. Yes, that’s right. The superhero who screams “by the power of the Grayskull,” turning himself from a fully clothed person into a hero in underwear and the infamous Castle Grayskull will be available as a buildable toy set.

Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting He-man to be coming from Mega Brands as a construction set. Then again, it shouldn’t come as a surprise since Mega Brands is a subsidiary of Mattel and Mattel owns Masters of the Universe and so… Anyways, in case you are not aware, Mega is not a new kid on the block (pun not intended). It was formerly known as Mega Bloks, a company that makes LEGO-like building sets. Here’s the official description:

“Castle Grayskull was built to protect an unknown source of power – and now you can too! Discover all of Grayskull’s mysteries when you assemble more than 3,600 pieces to recreate this authentically-detailed and completely faithful castle. Grayskull opens wide to reveal working weapons and launchers, a throne room with surprises, working elevator, and drawbridge that opens and closes. This collectors set also includes 6 micro action figures: He-Man, Skeletor, Man-at-Arms, Teela, Beast Man, and the exclusive Sorceress! Ideal for ages 10 and up.”

Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull

As you have read, it is a big set as a Castle Grayskull should. Though, I am not sure if the legendary fortress in planet Eternia would look good in building blocks. Then again, it is a castle and a castle is built with blocks, and so it may just turn out to be better looking than the 80s molded plastic toy Castle Grayskull. But we do have see the front to make the judgement.

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I am not going lie. I am kind of tripping over this. The 80s Castle Grayskull playset was a dream toy when I was kid, but it was way too pricey. Sadly though, this buildable version is no different. At $249.99, it is still pretty penny to me and I am sure, it is for many folks too. Anyways, Masters of the Universe: Castle Grayskull construction set won’t be available until January 01, 2020, but those who have the money to drop, can proceed to pre-order it on

Images: Mega Construx.

Source: Toy Hype USA.