Have you ever walked out of an art exhibition thinking it was nothing short of a shit show? If you haven’t, then you should really see Vienna-based art collective Gelatin’s exhibition entitled Vorm – Fellows – Attitude. Now, I am not here to bash the artists’ works. Vorm – Fellows – Attitude is literally a shit show because, it features nothing but enormous sculptures of turd. You know. Turd as in shit as in human excrement? Like, that’s super weird!

Vorm Fellows Attitude Sculptures of Turd

Who the hell yearns to visit a museum to see piles of shit, right? Well, apparently, some people do. Oh, well… I must remember what makes this world wonderful: diversity. But seriously, why turds? As the story goes, the artists behind this shitty sculptures – Wolfgang Gantner, Ali Janka, Florian Reither, and Tobias Urban – began the collective as a “funny yet provocative way of questioning taboos around human defecation.”

Vorm Fellows Attitude Sculptures of Turd

Wait a minute there. There are taboos surrounding human waste? There’s no taboo to talk about, really. They are excrement which, in case you don’t know, are generally things broken down and rejected by our bodies and hence, they are wastes and what are wastes? They are dirty. That’s that. There’s no taboo or whatsoever. Besides, some shit may contain deadly bacteria and viruses, so there’s really no reason in celebrating it.

Vorm Fellows Attitude Sculptures of Turd

When it is time to deliver the wastes, just be done with it and flush it away to be treated by modern day waste treatment plants. End of story. But giant sculptures of incredibly realistic turds are not the only things that Vorm – Fellows – Attitude are controversial; the exhibition also wants visitors to bare it all, i.e. get naked. Before exhibitionists smile in delight, no you are not expected to turn up in their birthday suit.

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Vorm Fellows Attitude Sculptures of Turd

For a relationship we can’t fathom, the exhibition include costumes for visitors to wear to make them appear naked. Sorry to disappoint, exhibitionists. The costumes are designed to make the wearers look as if they are naked with the aim of making them feel “a sense of equality and playfulness.” The naked costumes come in a variety of colors to represent the different races, as well as in variety of shapes and sizes of anatomy.

Vorm Fellows Attitude Sculptures of Turd

And yes. They do have anatomies on them. Flat chested, drooping boobs, micro penis and super hung dong – they have it all. Now, that’s some weird shit! As if the shit isn’t bizarre enough, eh? In case you are all down for some crappy art, you can catch Vorm – Fellows – Attitude over at museum Bojimans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam from now up till August 12, 2018.

Images: Bojimans Van Beuningen/Gelatin.

via Lost At E Minor.

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