Armrest war is very real. Considering how much time you need to spend stuck with the person next to you, an armrest war could make an already cramped air travel experience even worst. Hence, it should be avoided at all cost. Enters Soarigami Portable Airplane Armrest Divider. The ingenious solution that will put an end to airplane armrest war forever.

Soarigami Portable Airplane Armrest Divider

Soarigami is an origami inspired folding device that not only divides the skinny airplane armrest, but it also extends the arm resting surface area so both you and next seat fellow passenger will have each own armrest. The device literally creates two armrests out of a single pathetically narrow armrest and in the process, form a divider so both party’s elbow will never have direct, physical contact.

Soarigami Portable Airplane Armrest Divider

Soarigami is made of recyclable plastic wrapped in high quality leatherette to make feel extra luxurious even your typical economy seats aren’t, and it is fully adjustable to fit most armrests from 1.5 inches to 2.75 inches (3.8-7 centimeters) wide. This means it could be used with seats that has shared armrests, like those in stadiums and in theaters.

Soarigami Portable Airplane Armrest Divider

It is intentionally designed with tapered “wings” and it can be use in either direction. I particularly adore the airmail-inspired design touch that couldn’t be more fitting for its original intent. A couple of other clever design features include the rubberized ‘winglets’ that ensure a snug fit on the armrest and the removable cover. Though I am sure why do anyone need to remove the cover. Surely, you can just wipe it down if it requires cleaning? Perhaps, for a different look cover in future?

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Whatever it is, you have to agree that Soarigami has an eye-pleasing design, but perhaps more importantly for its target market, i.e. travelers, is that it folds flat and slips into most bag with ease. Unless you travel first or business class always, Soarigami Portable Airplane Armrest Divider will provide to be a valuable travel gear. You can find Soarigami Portable Airplane Armrest Divider on Amazon, retailing for $19.99.

Images: Soarigami.

Source: Wooow Awesome Stuff 2nd via Twitter (@IAMNERDIShare).

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