Recreating scenes of Star Wars in LEGO is not new. Despite us seeing quite a few previously, we never cease to be amazed by the dedication of this LEGO enthusiasts. David Hall is the latest to join the handful of elite builders who did the same and his recreation? The final battle, i.e. Battle of Crait AKA siege of Crait, in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. You know? That scene where Luke Skywalker magically appears to ain’t the resistant in fighting of the First Order troops? Yeah, that one. TBH, that was not one of the defining moments in Star Wars franchise and it never will be, but anti-climax movie moment aside, Hall’s build is nevertheless an impressive build.

Custom LEGO The Last Jedi Final Battle

All told, it took Hall around 13 months to complete the huge-ass diorama with over 100,000 LEGO elements. The scene features a pair of highly-detailed First Order All-Terrain MegaCaliber Six (or AT-M6 which is basically AT-ATs on steroid, really) pushing towards the resistance’s fortress-like outpost, along with two AT-ATs, two TIE Fighters and a wave of First Order Stormtroopers, led by Kylo Ren’s command shuttle (presumably, with the newly minted Supreme Leader was onboard).

Custom LEGO The Last Jedi Final Battle

What makes this LEGO MOC/LEGO diorama impressive aren’t just the war machines, or the lone wreckage of the resistant fighters, the V-4X-D Ski Speeder; it was the entire setup that boasts a broken white salt plain with red ‘soil’ beneath, and the entire Rebel’s fortress facade, flanked by rock cliffs juxtaposed with salt and exposed red soil. And oh, it also have the trench too! Also equally impressive is the build’s design which allows for it to be taken about into eight smaller sections so that it can be transported to wherever it needs to go, like to the BrickFair convention happening in March in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.

In the meantime, for those who are interested, you can check out Hall’s week-by-week build videos which he has posted on his YouTube channel (Solid Brix Studios), but if you lack of the time and patience, you can jump straight to the meat by skipping to around the 19-minute mark for the big reveal in the final video embedded after this post.

Custom LEGO The Last Jedi Final Battle

Images: David Hall via io9.

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Source: io9.

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