Everyone knows that KFC’s “11 herbs and spices” is a closely guarded secret that no one knows and obviously, the Louisville headquartered fast food chain would like it to remain so. But just how far Kentucky Fried Chicken would go to protect its trade secret? Well, apparently, it is hella of serious enough for it to decided to “develop” a “triple encrypted digital copy of its secret recipe” and hires Robocop to transfer the top secret data into the nuclear-proof Bahnhof Underground Data Center buried 100 feet deep under a mountain in Stockholm, Sweden.

Robocop Protects KFC Secret Recipe

So, yeah. Protecting its closely guard recipe has never been more serious for KFC. So much so that Robocop had to be called in. But Detroit baddies, don’t rejoice yet, because this Robocop ain’t no Alex Murphy; this part human, part machine law enforcement officer is Colonel Sanders as Robocop. So, Murphy is not leaving Detroit to the baddies anytime soon. Colonel Robocop will be handling KFC’s secret recipe. In the first commercial, it kicked off with documentary-like video that explains why Colonel Robocop was employed. The campaign followed by a series of commercial starring the iconic character as Colonel Robocop promoting KFC and its current special offerings.

KFC is no stranger to goofy marketing campaigns, though. We saw quite a handful of them, including print ads that replaced plumes of explosions with fried chicken, a contest that rewards parents who are willing to name their baby after Colonel Sanders, and a host of other goofy KFC products. If you are one of the many who wonder why KFC managed not only to survive to this day, but also remain hugely popular, the answer is clear as day: marketing. That being said, obviously, Colonel Robocop is a clever marketing campaign pulled off by KFC that leverages on one of most celebrated pop culture of modern history and hence, it is not a real.

Robocop Protects KFC Secret Recipe

However, at the end of the said video, which you can find after the break, it ended with a statement “Colonel Sanders’ Secret Recipe” now stored at Bahnhof (seriously)” that kind makes you wonder, “wait, did KFC actually store the data in a nuclear bunker?”

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Go head and check out the marketing campaign below. Tell me after that they didn’t put a smile on your face. They’re fun. Trust me.


Images: YouTube (KFC).

Source: Hypebeast.

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