Lexus really knows how to tickle the hearts of American who mostly can’t enough of American Football with a gleeful solution to this season’s controversial “rouging the passer” rule. If you don’t already know, the “roughing the passer” rule is supposed to protect the quarterbacks from physical harm. “Roughing the passer” basically means “to make contact with passer (usually the quarterback) after the ball left the passer’s hands.”

Lexus Solution to Roughing the Passer Rule
Helmet is outfitted with “Boo Dampening” technology.

Getting rough with the passer when the ball is in his her hand is OK, but not after he relinquish the ball. We shan’t dig into how is it controversial. Long story short, physical contact is inevitable and it is hard to pass judgement. Anywho, Lexus has leverage on this controversy and applies its safety technology in an attempt to protect the quarterback. Lexus has made a video to demonstrate the technology, starting Heisman Trophy winner and former quarterback Matt Leinart.

Lexus Solution to Roughing the Passer Rule
The video stars Heisman Trophy winner and former quarterback Matt Leinart.

Here are how the tech, inspired by the Lexus UX compact crossover, applied to a person:

•   Blind Side Monitor: Lets quarterbacks know the exact moment they need to fall into a fetal position to avoid a tackle.
•   360 Pocket Protection Camera: Gives quarterbacks a bird’s-eye view of the pocket and more time to move outside the tackle box to find the optimal safe position to throw the ball away.
•   Boo Dampening: Blocks boos and converts criticism into positive reinforcement to protect the quarterback’s vulnerable ego.
•   Scramble Maps: Guides the quarterback along the safest route to an open patch of grass where they can harmlessly slide to end the play.
•   QB Cocoon: Patented radar-enabled, seven-airbag cocoon creates a bubble of safety, allowing the quarterback to fall to the ground with a pillowy soft landing.
•   UX QB Escort: The safest way from the huddle to the sideline comes standard with the Lexus Safety System+ 2.0.
Lexus Solution to Roughing the Passer Rule
The technology, dubbed QBSS+, is inspired by Lexus UX Compact.

Lexus dubbed this technology, QBSS+, or Quarterback Safety System+. Ha! Those cheeky folks! We had a good laugh seeing it in action and I am sure you will too, and so, go on and watch it in the embedded video below.

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All images courtesy of Lexus USA.

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