As human encroaches into wildlife’s home, it is not an uncommon to see local authorities putting up signs to warn residents of wildlife wandering into humans’ living spaces. Redwood City in California, USA, is no different. The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department has put up a sign to warn locals of “coyote activity” – complete with the requisite silhouette of a lone coyote and a bunch of text warning about the potential danger and whatnot.

All’s good and in fact, rudimentary until it comes to the fine print that reads:

“Call Animal Control if you see dangerous coyote activity such as:
Coyote carrying box marked “ACME”
Coyote detonating explosives/TNT
Coyote in possession of giant magnet
Coyote holding sign such as “detour” or “free bird seed”
Coyote in possession of a catapult
Coyote dropping anvil from hot air balloon”

Now, that had me cracking up with tears! The Road Runner’s references are pure gold! Whoever came up with that should be given a raise!

Hands down the best thing we have seen all day.

Image: Stephen Zunes.

Source: Boing Boing.

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