Someone Chose To RIP In A “Louis Vuitton x Supreme” Casket

In what could be the weirdest stuff we have seen all-day, or even all-week, is this image of an apparent casket with white-on-red Louis Vuitton x Supreme branding. Seriously, this person must have an undying love for the collaboration between the two design labels. I know. I being ironic here. No offense, really. A person has to go, he/she has to go, and I’d give to the person for making the last leg in luxury. No one really knows who was the person or what transpired.

However, two things we can be sure of: one, the person who lies in there (or soon to lie in there) is a super fan of the LV x Supreme collection, and two, it is definitely not part of the Louis Vuitton x Supreme capsule collection. Obviously. Then again, you never know, right? I mean, this person could have approached LV with this crazy request as his/her last dying wish and god knows, if the interior is lined with the same branding or not. Or maybe, just maybe, it is someone who wants to put his/her Louis Vuitton Supreme collection to rest? You know? Like quit the addiction for this collection?

I could be overthinking here. Maybe it was what we saw: a person dying wish to be rest with his/her favorite brands? I mean, after all, having this beautiful monogram on person’s final resting place sure beats the natural wood look. It would be what we call an avant-garde person. Perhaps, Louis Vuitton and Supreme would like take a hint of this potential business opportunity. Here’s the original post found on Twitter:

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P.S. Wait. It looks like it had a gold-plated casket trolley? No?

Image: Chris Black.

H/T: Luxury Launches.