Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom which is serious business and so, cute or adorable is never part of the deal, well, that’s until we see this: LEGO 40367 BrickHeadz Lady Liberty. Yes. It is the icon of freedom in LEGO Brickheadz form and boy, is it adorable! The idea of this particular Brickheadz is coming was previously suggested by [DE] and then, German LEGO price comparison website brick merge further confirm the set’s imminent arrival with a listing on its site. And today, we get a the first look at it. And like I have said. It is cute as a Brickheadz should.

LEGO 40367 BrickHeadz Lady Liberty First Look

It is adorable that you will never look at the symbol of freedom the same again. The build fairly simple and with the exception of the “flame” on the torch on her right arm, the entire set is in Sand Green to replicate the green patina caused by the oxidation of the copper skin to the statue. According to brick merge, the LEGO 40367 BrickHeadz Lady Liberty will have 153 parts, which will include a simple black plate base setup.

According to Promo Bricks, LEGO 40367 BrickHeadz Lady Liberty is likely to be released on Independence Day (July 4th) and it could be a regional exclusive sets which means, folks outside of North America, will not be able to get their hands on it after 3-6 months after its official regional release. Pricing is unknown, but based on the current trend, it should retail for $9.99 a pop.

LEGO 40367 BrickHeadz Lady Liberty First Look

Featured image: National Park Service; composite by Mikeshouts.

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Images: LEGO (Maybe?).

Source: Promo Bricks [DE].

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