I am not aware of any man who harbors the secret desire to have a beer belly, AKA dad bod. I mean, seriously, no man would want an oversized belly that looks like they are three months pregnant. However, in some rare instances, there are man folks who sought out this alternative look, but if you happen to be one of those odd balls, well then, the good news is, the Dadbag is here to help. Conceived by one Albert Pukies, the Dadbag is “made for people who want a Dad bod without eating junk food,” or perhaps, for those who simply love a dash of quirkiness in their life.

Dadbag Waist Bag by Albert Pukies

Dadbag is essentially a bumbag (or waist bag/pouch) with realistic dad belly printed on it, so when it is worn around the waist as it should be worn, it will give the wearer the illusion of having a beer belly. While Albert did propose a series of skin shades, it is not clear if these bags will sport realistic hairs or those hairs are just part of the print. Though, it will be cool if Albert could make bag with hyperrealistic flesh, complete with faux hairs on it.

Beyond being extremely quirky, Dadbag is like any bumbag. This means it will let you store your everyday carry in it, including a can or two of Duff beer, which is obviously way better over the real-deal because, the presence of a real beer belly means increase health risks. Those who already have a dad bob need not apply. Obviously. For these folks, you can only watch in envy that some people’s beer belly has usable space while yours has none. Boo-hoo.

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Before you eagerly pull out your wallet, expecting to grab one right away, you have to know that Dadbag is not available yet. Albert Pukies is seeking out for partners and manufacturers to realize his vision of a dad bod. So, if you wish to help, do touch base with Albert for more details.

Dadbag Waist Bag by Albert Pukies

Dadbag Waist Bag by Albert Pukies

Images: Albert Pukies.

via Bored Panda.

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