New Creative Building Toy Is Like A Mash Up Of LEGO Mindstorms And Nintendo Labo

No.66 Studios is a company that marries tech toy with STEM and the EnigmaBot Creative Building Toys is its latest. In a nutshell, the EnigmaBot Creative Building Toys is like a perfect marriage between LEGO Mindstorms and Nintendo Labo.

Simone Giertz Built A Dog Selfie Booth Using LEGO And LEGO Mindstorms

One of our favorite inventors/YouTube personalities Simone Giertz tried teaching her pet dog, Scraps, how to take a selfie with a smartphone, but little doggy just couldn’t get her paws on it. So she does what any sane inventor would do: built a dog selfie booth.

Give Your Kids A Head Start In Robotics With The New LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor 5-in-1 Set

Robot is, without doubt, the future. You can prepare your young ones for this future by giving them a head start in STEM education which LEGO wants to be part of, with the upcoming LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor 5-in-1 Set – first addition to LEGO Mindstorms theme in seven years.

Amazon Partnered With LEGO For LEGO Mindstorms Powered By Alexa Competition

Good news, LEGO Mindstorms enthusiasts. Your knack for building crazy LEGO Mindstorms creations may be rewarded handsomely – courtesy of Amazon. Amazon has partnered with LEGO Group for a competition, LEGO Mindstorms Voice Challenge: Powered by Alexa.

Guitar Playing LEGO Mindstorms Plays Of Monsters And Men’s Little Talks

If you have doubts about if robots could ever take over human beings, then you should really take a look at creations like the LEGO Mindstorms Guitar Robot designed and built by YouTuber Fastythefastcat. Why? Because it strums a guitar, complete with cord manipulation, to a tune and it is made out of freaking LEGO! …


the first smartphone controlled robot, it is not but still, the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is one heck of ‘toy’ that both children (10 years and up) and grown ups can enjoy. we shall not delve into the MINDSTORMS’ beginning some fifteen years ago cos’ what you really need to know is how awesome this latest incarnation is. this third generation robotic…

Arduino LEGO-like Bricks Could Give MINDSTORMS A Run For Their Money

Up till now, the alternative to LEGO’s pricey MINDSTORMS is Arduino/Raspberry Pi, but if you have tried that, you will understand that compatibility is an issue. This result in you needing to fabricate custom cases for the board and that’s not to mention eye-taxing coding process. But hey, if you want more flexibility and not …

LEGO Boost Is Like The Mindstorms Kit For Pre-teen Kids

What you see here is the LEGO Boost 17101 Robotics System, a newly introduced learning toy set from the Danish toy maker that sits between the simplicity of regular LEGO and LEGO Technics sets, and the complexity offered by LEGO Mindstorm kits. Targeted at pre-teens, LEGO Boost lets kids put together a range of interactive …

Sariel’s Latest Creation Is A Massive RC LEGO Caterpillar Dump Truck That Weighs Over 9 Pounds

You may remember Sariel for its flashy sportscar builds, but what you may not know is, this LEGO Technic extraordinaire is equally apt in creating other kind of vehicles and his latest “other kind of vehicles” is this insanely massive RC LEGO Technic Caterpillar 797F Dump Truck.