What you see here is the LEGO Boost 17101 Robotics System, a newly introduced learning toy set from the Danish toy maker that sits between the simplicity of regular LEGO and LEGO Technics sets, and the complexity offered by LEGO Mindstorm kits. Targeted at pre-teens, LEGO Boost lets kids put together a range of interactive toys, such a robot you see pictured above, using a mix of 3 sensing bricks called Boost bricks and aplenty of other LEGO elements (843 pieces, to be exact). Like Mindstorms, the fun and learning does not end when the construction is complete.

LEGO Boost 17101 Robotics System

In fact, end of construction signals the beginning of a new phase of fun: programming the newly built LEGO machines to do something. The best part about LEGO Boost is, kids need not to be programming prodigies to pull this off. An easy-to-use app lets kids program the machine with simple drag-and-drop actions. In addition, kids will be able to use the include playmat to assist them in the programming (presumably, plotting the movement in the case of a vehicle) and undertake various mini challenges. It looks like, at this point, only the LEGO Boost 17101 Robotics System is being introduced and it will cost $159.99 when it becomes available in August 2017.

Check out the product introduction video embedded after the post to catch the kit in action and also learn more about what it as to offer.

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LEGO Boost 17101 Robotics System

LEGO Boost 17101 Robotics System

Images: LEGO.

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