the headphones market are overwhelming and the way for any maker’s cans or buds to stand out is not just how it sounds, but how sleek it look. however, ‘sleek’ is subjective, and you if ask us, we’d say the newly announced Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3 & H6 Headphones fall well into to that sleek category – and that’s our definition of sleek. the in-ear H3 and over-ear H6 joins the B&O sub brand BeoPlay and carries with them the distinctive sophisticated aesthetic that’s synonymous with Bang & Olufsen. if you still have no idea what that means, it simply means it will suit any black-suited executive just as good as any casual dude. details of its innards are lacking, but with products coming from an established high-end audio equipment manufacturer, we are assuming the sound reproduction aspect should of certain ‘high-end’ standards.

as far as audio performance goes, all B&O has to say is each headphone has unique sound curves which will offer “a clean and powerful sound that reveals all the details in the music at any given volume level.” on the looks department, both the H3 and H6 are crafted of anodized high purity aluminum which is both lightweight and at the same time, durable and robust. additionally, the BeoPlay H6 headphones feature authentic cowhide leather hailed from New Zealand and each of this leather is put through a tanning process that gives it the rich, warm tone. available from May 2013 with a sticker of €249 (around US$336) for the BeoPlay H3 In-Ear headphones and €399 (approximately US$522) for the BeoPlay H6 Over-Ear headphones. hit the jump for a gallery of images for your admiration.

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