TWS earbuds are a dime a dozen and so is the power bank. So when LinearFlux HyperSonic 360 TWS Earbuds comes along, it shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. But here’s the thing. The LinearFlux HyperSonic 360 is not just a pair of TWS; it is one with a big-ass charging case that, wait for it… is a magnetic wireless charging power bank.

LinearFlux HyperSonic 360 TWS Earbuds

Not going to lie. It took me a while to digest what this market’s first has to offer. It just seems so… fantasy tech. The earbuds themselves tout so-called Hyper Definition Spatial Sound that promised to theater-like 3D sound experience.

Audio quality aside, the LinearFlux HyperSonic 360 packs over 360 hours of playtime (hence the name, HyperSonic 360). To put things in perspective, that’s an hour of play each day for the entire year without ever charging.

LinearFlux HyperSonic 360 TWS Earbuds

But that’s theoretical because with 29 Wh of juice and with full MagSafe compatibility and anagenetic wireless charging, you probably want to take advantage of it to keep your devices topped. With 29 Wh, it can even charge a laptop.

So, yeah, the LinearFlux HyperSonic 360 is basically a pair of TWS earbuds that is also a handy charging device for nearly all your portable gadgets. The earbuds are IPX6 rated, so it is good for an active lifestyle too and the “case” features magnetic cable charging affording ease of recharging the HyperSonic 360.

LinearFlux HyperSonic 360 TWS Earbuds

LinearFlux HyperSonic 360 TWS Earbuds, or officially HyperSonic 360 Ultimate 10-in-1 Magnetic True Wireless Headphone, is available now from for US$139.99.

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