Day Maker concept turns your iPhone into a pop-up alarm

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(image credit: Michael Kritzer/Simple Artifact)

instead of leaving the iPhone on a dock or table, Michael Kritzer has a better idea: getting your iPhone to ‘pop-up’ when the alarm goes off. taking cue from a toaster, this concept gadget has an analog clock face, a speaker grille and a pair of slots for you to pop your iPhone in. all you have to do is set your iPhone alarm, insert the phone into one of the Day Maker’s slots and push it down to set the unit. the Day Maker also charges your iPhone when in the ‘push down’ position. once done, you are all set for the alarm to go off.
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when the alarm sounds, the spring inside the slot will ‘pop’ your iPhone up. removing the iPhone from the Day Maker stops the alarm or if more sleep is required, just put it to snooze by pushing the iPhone back into the slot. simple enough and a novel idea too. if you still didn’t see the significance between the Day Maker’s toaster-like design and the morning, here’s a hint: toasts are synonymous with breakfast which ultimately means morning and hence, waking usually means it is morning, hence the toaster-inspired design. you get the idea, don’t you? unless you work the graveyard shift, else it should be easy to understand the relation.

personally, i hope this get made eventually because this something that i think i will need. i rely on my iPhone to wake up everyday, though it is not my the sole alarm clock as one alarm isn’t going to wake a sleeping monster like me up.

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