turn your iPhone 4 into a DSLR with real SLR lenses

The iPhone SLR Mount
The iPhone SLR Mount | US$249.00 | photojojo.com

if you love taking photos with your iPhone, perhaps it is time to take your iPhonegraphy a notch up. how about hooking up your iPhone to a regular SLR lens? sounds impossible? that’s what i thought so too but as it turns out, you can actually do that with the iPhone SLR Mount – available to fit either Canon or Nikon lenses. basically, it is a case-adpator combo that allows for either Canon or Nikon lenses (depending on which model you chose) of your DSLR to be fitted to your iPhone, essentially turning your iPhone into a DSLR – mirrorless.
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who say i need to fork out top money to get a micro four thirds? your iPhone is mirrorless too! it even comes with two loopholes on each end of the case so that you can put on a camera strap and hang it around your neck like your regular DSLR. seriously, this going to be yet another product that you either hate it or love it – especially when it cost $249 a pop, and that’s just the price for the case-adaptor only.

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