This One-plane Keyring Will Save You From Broken Fingernails

Keyring has been around for 100 years and during this century long time, countless nails were broken, fingers injured and it has spontaneously triggers the rage and unspeakable frustration of an otherwise demure person. We are not exaggerating; I have experienced it myself, or maybe I am just having anger management issue. Whatever it is, […]

Laser Cut Bottle Opener Broke Convention, Has Animal Cutout for Popping Bottles

One) If are a nonconformist and two) a bottle of cold one every now and then, then we thing you are going to dig these bottle openers from Zootility Tools. Before we move forward, do erase any bottle opener shapes that may have conjured up in your mind at the mention of ‘bottle opener’ because […]

This Wallet-friendly Comb Can Do More Than Combing Your Lovely Locks

You have seen multi-tool that holds your bang up, now meet one that combs your hair. Taking the form of a hedgehog and appropriately named Headgehog, it is a multi-functional comb that offers additional six functionalities, including a money clip (required an elastic band), Phillips screwdriver, four sizes of wrench, a chip clip, bottle opener […]