Model Poses With Sharks Got Attacked

I am tempted to tag this with “LoL”, but that would be evil because we shouldn’t laugh at other people’s misfortunes, no matter how ridiculous the situation might be. There’s nothing ridiculous about California-based social influencer Katarina Zarutskie’s ordeal, though. A lot of people have swarm with sharks, even the dangerous ones, and as many must have taken photos with these majestic creatures of the ocean too. Zarutskie was one of them. She decided to take some photos with the mostly harmless nurse sharks while vacationing in the Bahamas.

Model Poses With Sharks Got Attacked
Katarina holding her hand up after freeing herself from the shark.

Nurse shark, btw, can and will attack humans which Zarutskie have learned it the painful way. The story went on that the 19-year-old decided to take a picture with a school of nurse sharks. Based on the photos posted on her Instagram page, the fair lady was on her back on the crystal clear water when one of the shark decided to have a little food tasting, dragging her underwater in the process. To be fair, nobody expect this seemingly docile shark to snap and bite, then again no one expect sharks will not do that too. Ms. Zarutskie described the experience as “felt like 15 people were squeezing on my wrist really, really, really hard.”

She forgot to mention the shearing pain that comes with the teeth sinking into her flesh which resulted in her needing some stitches and antibiotics. Based on our source, she “may have to undergo surgery in the future to remove fragments of the animal’s teeth stuck in her flesh.” Wait, what? Why didn’t the surgeon(s) remove the fragments before patching her up? Perhaps, Bahamas’ doctors work differently? As to why she thought it was safe to mingle with the nurse sharks (man that was a lot of sharks there!), Zarutskie reasoned that based on her “previous knowledge from surfing and Scuba diving,” she knew nurse sharks “are usually very safe.”

Model Poses With Sharks Got Attacked
The extend of Katarina’s shark bite. Nasty!

Also, she have seen “countless photos of people with them on Instagram.” Sigh.. kids these days… they just take what they see at face value, don’t they? I am not calling her stupid or anything like that, but it is clear that Ms. Zarutskie aren’t aware that nurse shark, while appeared to be way less aggressive than say, bull shark, blue shark or the great white, they are ranked fourth in documented shark bites on humans which, according to an entry on Wikipedia, is likely due to “incautious behavior by divers on account of the nurse shark’s slow, sedentary nature.” Translation: humans asked for it. Well, what do you know? This appears to be the case with Zarutskie.

Humans are highly unpredictable, let alone wild creatures who we only knew through researches. Unless, you happen to speaks shark language, then you can tell us what sharks really think. They will probably tell you there way too many plastics in the ocean

P.S. When we started to write about this, Katarina’s IG was set to public, but by the time we were set to publish this (yes, I am freaking slow!), it has been turned to private. I guess the poor lady must have gotten one too many nasty comments. Well, the Internet is indeed a cruel place to be. Come on, folks. Its not like she was the only one who did “crazy” things and got hurt. Many had. I don’t see people bashing others for what they did. Give the lady a break. At least, her experience will serve as a reminder of the unpredictability of nature. She has her credit is what I was trying to say.

Images: Katarina Zarutskie.

Source: Lost At E Minor.