Is your life and/or desk missing a lamp that is fun? Well, if so, Xiaomi Mijia “Pi Pi” Lamp is for you. Pi Pi in Chinese translates to mischievous or naughty and it is so named because this lamp can be quite mischievous, well, in a fun way.

Xiaomi Mijia Pi Pi Desk Lamp

How so? Well, the Xiaomi Mijia “Pi Pi” Lamp is a desk lamp with emotion and also, it is kind of a gateway to controlling your home IoT devices if you want it to. And it does all with gestures.

A stroke on the lampshade or a finger heart sign (🫰) in front of it wakes the lamp up. Hold a fist to it and open up the hand will turn it on. Do the opposite, i.e. hold an open hand and close the open hand (into a clenched fist) will turn the light off.

You can do the pinch too. Pinch the air in front to adjust the light brightness. Show it a “you rock” sign (🤘🏻) and the lamp goes into party mode, moving its head around (rotate left/right and tilt up and down) and flashing the light. Yup. It does that.

Xiaomi Mijia Pi Pi Desk Lamp

Give it an OK sign (👌), it will start tracking your hand, casting the light on your hand as it moves across the desk. You can also program it to turn on an IoT device like an air conditioning unit, air purifier, and whatnot. For example, you can program it to turn on the air con unit when you show it a “two” sign (✌🏻) or “one” sign (☝🏻) to start another assigned IoT.

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Oh, it sometimes will through temper too but if it does that, all you have to do is to pacify it by stroking its head (lampshade). I don’t believe we have seen a lamp or anything lighting this fun before.

If gestures are not your cuppa, you can choose to control the lamp using a companion app.

The Xiaomi Mijia Pi Pi Lamp is available to order now in China for 499 yuan (about US$73) through Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform.

Xiaomi Mijia Pi Pi Desk Lamp
Xiaomi Mijia Pi Pi Desk Lamp

Images: Xiaomi [CH].

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