For those who can never get enough of Initial D, the Japanese anime that centers around downhill racing culture in Japan, here’s something that will surely brighten your day. Ok, maybe only if you are a fan of Takumi Fujiwara, the series protagonist and his bad-ass black and white AE86, powered by the legendary 4A-GE motor. Can’t help you if you are a hardcore fan of the Red Sun, though. Anyways, here’s a pair of canvas sneakers to celebrate your love for this evergreen anime. Called Fujiwara Tofu Store Sneakers, it is presented in the same colorway as Takumi’s Toyota, i.e. black and white, and features the iconic Fujiwara Tofu Store text in Japanese found on the hero’s AE-86.

Fujiwara Tofu Store Sneakers For Men and Women

If look carefully, you will notice the text and the lone black stripe on the shoes are exact as it was on the car. Sweet. The only thing it lacks are wheels. The Fujiwara Tofu Store Sneakers may be a simple pair of kicks, but it is big when it comes to showing off your love for Initial D and/or the legendary Toyota AE-86. Only true fans will recognize the significance. To non-fan, it is probably a Converse lookalike slapped with a string of foreign characters that make zero sense. That said, this is truly a connoisseur item (and we hardly refer anything as connoisseur item).

Fujiwara Tofu Store Sneakers For Men and Women

Other features you can expect includes lace-up closure, soft textile lining, made-to-order with high-quality, premium materials, and most importantly, it is available for both men and women, and in a choice of high- or low-top. You can pick up a pair of Fujiwara Tofu Store Sneakers by Hardtuned today at a discounted sticker of $59/pair. Please note that while this pair of kicks is totally dope, it will not let you drift walk. Also, you won’t make downhill walk faster with it either.

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Images: Hardtuned/George Maggs.

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