if you are looking to turn your humble abode into a connected one without a PhD, Pennsylvania-based energy saving products maker Lutron Electronics have come up with a solution that promised a hassle-free setup. the Lutron Smart Bridge and its companion software, Lutron app are especially tailored for DIYers to turn their home into a connected one, allowing you, the DIYers, to control compatible devices right from your mobile devices. the Lutron Smart Bridge uses Lutron’s proprietary ClearConnect Wireless technology and plugs directly to your home’s WiFi router, and can be setup in under half and hour. with the device and the app, they allow you to control compatible Lutron devices such as lights and shades through wireless, radio frequency signals.

the Lutron Smart Bridge will work with Caséta Wireless in-wall dimmers, Caséta Wireless lamp dimmers, Pico battery-powered remote control, as well as Serena battery-powered, remote controlled shades. using the app, you will have control over the connected devices and like many of the market offerings we see today, it also lets you check on the lights, shades, and even temperature when you are away. as long you are on the grid, you will be able to control those connected products anywhere in the world. other things you can do with the app including preset scenes for your home such as home theater, dining room and more, and schedule lights and shades based on the time of day such as turning on the front porch light at dusk and turning it back on at dawn.

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the Lutron app is also compatible with Honeywell WiFi thermostats, allowing you to adjust the temperature manually whilst away. it will also work with GE’s telligent LED bulb. the Lutron Smart Bridge is set to be available starting September 1 from Serena Shades for $150. as for the app, it is free to download from both Apple AppStore and Google Play starting June 30. if you prefer to let the pro do the job, there is also Lutron Smart Bridge Pro available through your local electricians, residential system provides, security professionals and more. naturally, there will be charges associated with the pro installation. there is also a Lutron Caséta Wireless Package, which includes a Pico remote control with a dimmer for either wall or lamp available for your taking for $80.

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