how better to proof a product is really waterproof than to sell them already immersed in water? well, folks, this ain’t no marketing bragging at works; this is exactly what the Japanese tech giant did: selling the Sony NWZ-W27 Waterproof Walkman, the 4GB MP3 players, contained inside bottles of water, instead of conventional product packaging made from materials such as corrugated cardboards. these specially packaged, or should we say bottled waterproof MP3 players is the result of a campaign by Auckland-based agency DraftFCB and they can be found in vending machines across New Zealand in various public places such as gyms and pools, where the product’s core targeted consumers are commonly found.

having it bottled also means the products can have far greater reach since it can be dispensed from regular vending machines found the world over. we are completely intrigued, if not awe, by this ingenious marketing campaign, and who knows, it might just convinced consumers to buy them due to their accessibility? in case you don’t already know, the NWZ-W27 is super compact, one-piece music player that looks no different from a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. designed primary for swimming, water sports and workouts, it features a 3-min quick charge functionality which will yield about 60 minutes of playtime, drag and drop compatibility with iTunes or Windows Media Player, and weighs a mere 6.4 ounces.

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check out a marketing video detailing the rationale behind the Bottled Walkman after the break. real meat starts at around 0:28, if you really wants to know.

via Hypebeast via Damn Geeky

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